Sunday, 2 November 2014

Halloween jelly sensory play

For Halloween this year I decided to set up a very simple sensory play for the ladybird.

The night before I made an orange jelly as directed on the packet and set it in the fridge overnight. I lined the container with cling film so it came out of the container easily. Then on Friday I simply tipped it out in to a bowl, added some Halloween cookie cutters (plastic & with no sharp edges), a spoon, a second smaller container & a large spider sweet.

The ladybird enjoyed exploring the cookie cutters at first but she seemed reluctant to touch the jelly. We talked about the different shapes (cat, witches hat, pumpkin etc) and sang incy wincy spider using the spider jelly sweet.

Next I transferred some of the jelly to the smaller container and we sang wibble, wobble jelly on a plate. Having the jelly in a smaller tub seemed to catch the ladybird's attention. She explored the jelly cautiously with her fingers and soon decided to eat a few pieces. At this point she started to get more interested in the jelly and also the jelly spider. Once the ladybird is past the put everything in your mouth stage I would like to set items in the jelly for her to dig out such as plastic spiders for halloween.

The ladybird sat and played with this for a good ten minutes before getting up and walking off. During the day we also enjoyed reading Julia Donaldson's room on the broom, various Mog and Meg books & dancing around to Halloween songs on youtube.


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