Monday, 27 October 2014

The ladybird at 18 months

You are a very independent little girl. You have a cheeky little personality and an adorable giggle. You are also very active and a confident climber. You love pushing your walker or dolls pram around and have just mastered how to make ride ons move. You love being outdoors especially at the park (you love slides and tunnels but have also mastered climbing rope ladders).

You babble a lot, so far your "real" words include - dada, mama, tickle, ta (thanks), bye, hi, naana (banana), gandad (grandad), car, boo, moo, quack, shoe, one, two, three and baby. You are a very friendly and happy baby. You give lovely kisses & cuddles and run your fingers through hair for comfort.

You love music and will dance around and "sing" along sometimes too. I love watching you bob a long and move your arms to the radio whilst in your high chair or spin round the room. You know all the actions to wind the bobbin up and this or row, row, row your boat never fails to cheer you up. You love to play peek a boo and have a lot of patience waiting for someone to discover your hiding place. You frequently climb in our wardrobe shutting the door behind you and wait for me or daddy to find you. You love water play and bath time too.

You sleep from 8pm until at least 8am most days (I have to wake you on nursery days which you dislike). After lunch you will sleep for at least 2 and half hours (more if i let you). Although on your 2 days at nursery, despite me waking you at least an hour earlier than usual, you only have 40 minutes.

you are a fairly good eater, eating a wide range of foods. Favourites include cheese, scrabbled eggs, pasta, peas, yogurt and banana. You don't really seem to like meat though so that's where we struggle a little. You prefer to feed yourself and are starting to get the hang of using a spoon but you definitely prefer to use your fingers.

you are between clothes size at the moment, 9-12 are getting too small but 12-18 months still drown you! You have 16 teeth and have handled teething like a dream.

This is your last week in the baby room at nursery. You've loved nursery since day one, no tears at all. I have no worries about you transitioning between rooms as on your first visit you ran off from your key worker, waved her off & happily played their for 2 hours (it was meant to be 10 minutes accompanied!). I expect you are going to change a lot over the next few months and I'm really looking forward to watching and helping you do so.

Love Mummy xxx

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