Friday, 23 January 2015

Water play

After the ladybird's lack of interest in edible finger paint I decided to go with an old favourite the next time I set up an activity for her.

 She loves going swimming, baths and water play in general. The only thing she doesn't like is showers!

We bought her a sand & water table for her first birthday & she spent lots of time happily splashing about in it last summer.

Since the summer ended we've not done much water play (except bath time) so I decided it was time to restart.

I set it up a plastic under bed storage box that I bought for messy play (I dream of owning a tough spot one day though) on the kitchen floor. I added some blue food colouring to the water and some ice cubes and a couple of scoops/tea cups. Then I stripped her down to just her vest, as I knew from previous experience she would try and climb in to the box!

She surprised me by not being bothered by the coldness of the ice cubes at all. She happily played with them in her hands and added them to a scoop before pouring them back in to the water.

Once the ice cubes melted I added a squirt of washing up liquid and a whisk (inspired by this post from The Natural Momma in me).

She loved it as I expected and spent almost an hour whisking, splashing and pouring the bubbly water.
 As predicted she climbed in to the box but to be honest I am surprised at just how long she played before she climbed in.

An activity that will definitely be repeated.

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